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Monthly Archives: December 2010


Allow me to clear something up about the lens mounts for the Canon EOS 7D and EOS 5dmk2.

I’ve owned a Canon EOS 7D since February 2010 and I’m looking at buying another Canon, the EOS 5Dmk2. I have a bunch of APS-C/EF-S lenses for my 7D.

The 7D takes EF and EF-S mount lenses. The 5DmkII takes only EF lenses.

So a lens from a 5DmkII will work on a 7D, but a lens purchased specifically for the 7D (i.e. APS-C) will not work well on a 5DmkII.

They will fit, but they will vignette (fancy way of saying your picture will be smaller than your field of view) due to the 5DmkII having a larger sensor than the 7D.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the price of the 5DmkII was going to drop from $4700 to $2500… or else I’d have been more careful and bought EF lenses from the start.

Anyways.. that’s why I’m posting this.. just in case you’re googling around, maybe you’ll find this and it’ll save you from buying the wrong lenses.

Why am I buying a 5DmkII when I already have a 7D? The 5DmkII is a full frame camera with a larger sensor. It has a naturally wider field of view. It captures more light and can run at much higher ISO’s than the 7D with much less ISO noise.