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Hello Daniel,
I’m finishing up a anthropology paper on online video communities and I need a few more quotes for it, so I was wondering if you had a couple of minutes to answer two questions I have:

“What was the main feature/attraction of vimeo that caused you to start uploading your videos here?”
“How important is the community aspect for you on vimeo?”

Thanks so much for your time Daniel (by the way I loved your All Stars, All Night timelapse).

-Ravi Carlson


Hey Ravi. Thanks for watching my stuff.

Vimeo attracted me originally because it was an insanely good service, technically speaking. YouTube stops at 480p, but Vimeo’s native format is 1280×720 (Blu-Ray quality). And they allow you to upload like 700mb a week for free? Sold. I signed up immediately.

What I DIDN’T know is that Vimeo, for lack of a better phrase, would change my life. It gave me a ready-made outlet for my desire to be a filmmaker. I could research what cameras, software and techniques other people were using.

Once you get started actually making films, it’s like a powerful drug… People give you great feedback… you can’t stop, it’s never enough, and you always want to do something better than you did last time. You’re always trying to catch up to that cool, new, eye-popping clip you just watched.

The Pro service was only $60 a year, and allows you to upload up to 5 Gigabytes/week of high-quality video, and to upgrade your format to 1920×1080. It’s a bargain, I think.

This is pixel-for-pixel, the highest quality online entertainment available. But that’s just my opinion.


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